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Hammer Union

Hammer Union

Working Pressure -

1000 to 9000 PSI


50 to 602

Connection -

Threaded and Butt Weld End

Sealing -

1) Low pressure Service (1000 to 2000 PSI Range), the spherical surface of the male sub and the cone shaped surface of the female provide a metal-to-metal seal.

2) Medium Pressure Service (2000 to 4000 PSI Range), the metal-to-metal seal is supplemented with a resilient seal ring.

3) High Pressure Service (6000 to 9000 PSI Range), A replaceable, lip type seal ring is part of the female sub. This seal ring reduces flow turbulence and protects the metal-to-metal seal from corrosion.

Sizes -

1” to 12”