Amazing Facts And Types Of Cast Iron Valves

Date:July 16, 2022

In today’s blog we’ll discuss about Cast iron metal that has been in use for hundreds of years. This metal is also known as gray iron which has an impressive tolerance temperature. It’s a mixture of 98% iron and 2% of carbon with small amounts of silicone. There are numerous benefits of this piece of metal and it is used in many industries. They are strong and durable, plus they can withstand even intense vibration which makes them a winner in the piping industry.

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SWBM offers all sorts of Cast Iron valves that are essential for the piping industry. In this blog we’ll put a light on all the valves.

Ball Valve

Let’s just say that ball valve plays a very significant role in our daily life. They come in various sizes and shapes. Plus, they are used in automobiles, airplanes, etc. Ball valve has some amazing benefits that’ll astonish you:

· Leak-proof
· Can be opened and close easily
· They are lighter compared to others
· They can be controlled with less force.


Butterfly Valve

Although butterfly valves are similar to ball valves they are more precise. Butterfly Valves are smaller and require less force. They also require low maintenance and are extremely reliable which makes them popular among industrial applications.

· Butterfly valves can be operated manually and electronically.
· They are durable and reliable
· Can be opened and closed quickly.

Check Valves

This useful valve allows flow in one direction and prevents back flow. One of the major abilities of check valves is that they can perform without you having to monitor them.

· They perfect in preventing water hammer
· Requires low maintenance
· It protects pumps and compressor from damage
· Lessens the chances of valves failure


Gate Valve

These valves are mainly a fluid controller. Gate Valves provides minimum flow restrictions. The reason why they are used everywhere is because they consume less energy.

· An energy efficient valve
· Their structure is smaller than globe valves
· They are extremely easy to operate
· Offers small fluid resistance

Globe Valves

These valves move up and down to regulate the flow inside a valve. Globe Valves are used in many industries due to their excellent shutoff capability. They are also known as linear motion valves

· Easy maintenance
· Small working stroke
· Suitable for manual and automatic operations


According to the professionals that work in the piping industry, cast iron valves are the most economical option. As far as the metals go, cast iron valves are a solid alternative and are budget friendly.

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