Different Types Of Hose Fittings

Date:July 16, 2022

Hose fittings are couplings that are normally used to secure and attach hoses to pressurized air and water outlets. They are highly versatile and are used for many purposes such as commercial, domestic and industrial purposes. Furthermore, the media that is passed through them can be solid including flour and sugar, it could be liquid including hydraulic oils and chemicals, or it could be gas including compressed air.

Hose fittings have many different names such as hose connectors, hose adapters, tap connectors, hose couplings, pipe connectors, and joiners. Hose fittings are an essential element of the plumbing system. Even though hoses are quite important, many people still do not know the difference between hoses and pipes and mix them up. However, hoses are quite flexible as well as portable compared to pipes and tubes. Hoses also have integral connectors and fitting ends that are normally attached already and do not need to be attached manually. Moreover, hoses are made up of different materials depending on the transported media as well as application.

Speaking of applications, hose fittings have 2 different types of applications. Hydraulic and pneumatic application. The first one involves the transfer of liquids such as water while the latter involves the transfer of gases.

Nevertheless, here is a list of different types of hose fittings:

Camlock coupling

A Camlock coupling is also known as a Camlock fitting can be used to connect two hoses or pipes so that media can be transferred from one to another. It is used in multiple industries since they are easy to use and require no tools and expertise to connect or disconnect them. Camlock couplings are relatively cheaper compared to other types of hose fittings and save a lot of time. These two aspects of Camlock couplings make them the most popular couplings in the world. Furthermore, they are used in a lot of different industries including but not limited to manufacturing, chemical, gas, oil, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries. They are extremely versatile as well as durable.

Chicago fitting

The second most popular type of hose fitting is Chicago fitting. Chicago fittings which are also known as a duck’s foot fitting due to their shape are a one-quarter turn fitting that is used for attaching pipes and hoses. Depending on the industry, it can be used to attach low to medium-pressure gas lines as well as fluid lines. Furthermore, these fittings are quite easy to use because there are no male or female fittings, both the fittings are identical making the plumber’s job quite easy. It can also be used in many different industries.

King nipples

King nipples are hose nipples that are made from seamless steel pipe to connect hoses and pipes. In other words, it is a fitting that is constructed from a piece of pipe mainly from a stainless steel one. However, it can be of carbon metal as well. The working pressure of king nipples varies with its size and how it was constructed. However, normally, king nipples are designed for use on discharge hoses as well as low-pressure suction hoses.

Storz coupling

Storz coupling is a type of hose fitting that is used to connect two different hoses and pipes using flanges and interlocking hooks. It is normally used on fire hoses in firefighting applications. Furthermore, it is also used for filling bulk wood pellet storage systems. They are normally made up of aluminum or brass. Similar to the Chicago fittings, Storz couplings also do not have any male or female fittings, either one can connect to any other end. Moreover, they are quite easy to use. All you have to do is press the two opposite couplings together such that the hooks are interlocked. Then, you just have to rotate both ends in opposite directions until they are tight.

Bauer couplings

Last but not the least, Bauer couplings are also quite famous and are used in many different industries. They are used in irrigation, dewatering, and other agricultural applications using specialty ball and socket connections.

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