Importance of Marine Valves

Date:July 6, 2021

In order to make sure that your ship is running smoothly, you’ll definitely need to solve the necessary problems that are going on in the ship. When a ship is in operation, it is essential that every part is working perfectly. The things that you need to consider are flow rate and flow direction of the pipeline. If all these things cannot be controlled, your ship might be in trouble and this will increase the chances of having a greater impact on the operation of the ship.

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Therefore, today we’ll introduce to you the importance of Marine valves and how critical role it plays in the operation of a ship.

Marine Valves come in JIS Standard (It is Japanese standard for Valves mainly used in Ships and Marine industry) , and it has pressure rating of 5K , 10K , 16K & 20K. It comes in Bronze Body, Cast Iron Body and Cast Steel Body.

The main types of Marine Valves are:

• Gate Valves
• Globe Valves
• Angle Valves
• Butterfly Valves

Marine Butterfly valves :

butterfly-valveButterfly valves are a type of control valve with a simple form that can be used to control low-pressure pipeline medium switches. Butterfly valves are closed pieces for the disc that rotate around the valve axis to open and close the valve.
• They are of small size and are light weighted
• They can achieve good sealing under low pressure

Marine Globe Valves:

Because the globe valve is a forced-sealing valve, closing the valve must apply pressure to the sealing surface to prevent leakage. The valve bar pressure is used to close the globe valve, ensuring that the valve sealing surface and the valve seat sealing surface are tightly sealed, preventing medium circulation.
• Globe valves are easy to maintain and manufacture.
• They have a long surface life.

Marine Check Valves:

Check valves are automatic valves that open and close based on the medium flow. They are used to prevent the medium from back flowing. Their major function is to prevent the medium from back flowing, as well as the reversal of the pump and drive motor, and the container medium discharge.
• They are suitable for diving, drainage and sewage pump.
• They are also suitable in water pipe network.

Marine Gate Valves:

valves-brassThe gate valve’s movement is perpendicular to the fluid’s flow direction., the gate valve can only fully open and fully close, the discomfort door parameter varies, generally 5 degrees, and the medium temperature is not too high for  20  52′.
• Flow resistance of marine gate valves are is small
• Good channel flow

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