Sunel Wala Building Materials Trading LLC is a trusted supplier of high-quality Brass Water Meters, offering precise measurement and reliable performance for various water monitoring applications. Our Brass Water Meters are crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and accuracy in measuring water flow rates. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Sunel Wala Building Materials Trading LLC provides comprehensive solutions for water management needs, serving clients across diverse industries with top-notch products and exceptional service.

DN(mm) 15
Size(inch) 3/4″
L(mm) 164
H(mm) 103.5
B(mm) 80
DN Maximum flow Qmax Nominal volume flow Forwarding flow Qt (Q2) Minimum flow (Q1) Minimum reading Maximum reading
mm m3/h m3
15 3 1.5 0.12 0.03 0.0001 99999


  • MHV water meter, magnetic type, multi-beam, level B
  • Blue Epoxy painted clock body
  • Max working pressure: 16 bar
  • Max working temperature: 40 °C
  • Meter for clean water


  • Body: brass
  • Pad base: bakelite
  • Gasket (o-ring): rubber
  • Impeller: POM
  • Lock nut: aluminium
  • Magnetic barrier ring: CT3
  • Mangetic guide plate: bakelite
  • Filter: LDPE
  • Watch core gasket 2 (o-ring): POM
  • Watch glass: glass
  • Watch core: standard