Ring Type Joint Oval



(i) Ring Type Joint Gaskets are available in oval and octagonal designs. The oval design can be used in older round bottom gland designs, while both can be used in a flat bottom design.

(ii) The Ring Type Joint Octagonal has a higher sealing efficiency than the Oval cross section and is therefore preferred.

(iii) Sunelwala Dubai supplies Ring Type Joint Oval Gaskets available with material LCS, Soft Iron, Stainless Steel (SS), rating R11,R12,R13,R15,R16,R17,R18,R19,R20,R21,R22,R23,R24,R25,R26,R27,R28,R29,RR31 etc and sizes ranging from “1/2” to “36”.

(iv) SWBM Dubai is one of the most acclaimed traders of Ring type joint Oval Gaskets in the MENA region.

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R42, R74, RX46, BX-155, R20, R53, R96, RX70, BX-167, R32, R64, RX24, RX91, R43, R75, RX47, BX-157, R21, R54, R97, RX73, BX-168, R33, R65, RX26, RX99, R44, R76, RX49, BX-158,, R22, R55, R98, RX74, BX-169, R34, R66, RX27, RX201, R11, R45, R77, RX50, BX-159, R23, R56, R100, RX82, BX-170, R35, R67, RX31, RX205, R12, R46, R78, RX53, BX-160, R24, R57, R101, RX84, BX-172, R36, R68, RX35, RX210, R13, R47, R79, RX54, BX-161, R25, R58, R102, RX85, BX-303, R37, R69, RX37, RX215, R15, R48, R80, RX57, BX-162, R26, R59, R103, RX86, R38, R70, RX39, BX-151, R16, R49, R81, RX63, BX-163, R27, R60, R104, RX87, R39, R71, RX41, BX-152, R17, R50, R93, RX65, BX-164, R28, R61, R105, RX88, R40, R72, RX44, BX-153,, R18, R51, R94, RX66, BX-165, R29, R62, RX20, RX89, R41, R73, RX45, BX-154, R19, R52, R95, RX69, BX-166, RR31, R63, RX23, RX90