What are the Types of Camlock Fittings?

Date:August 30, 2023
camlock supplier in Dubai
camlock supplier in Dubai

Camlock fittings have proven to be adaptable and dependable instruments in a variety of industries when it comes to fluid transfer solutions. However, with so many types of camlock fitting available, it might be difficult to select the best one for your unique needs.

In this post, we’ll go over the types of camlock fittings to help you get a better understanding of each and buy the right option from a camlock supplier in Dubai.

Types of Camlock Fittings

Type A Camlock Fittings: Quick and Easy Connections

The male adapter and female coupler design distinguish Type A fittings. These fittings are widely used for rapidly and efficiently joining hoses, pipes, or other equipment. They’re an excellent solution when you need a secure yet fast connection without sacrificing security.

Type B Camlock Fittings: Versatility and Flexibility

Type B fittings properly complement Type A fittings. With a female adapter and male coupler design, these fittings allow you to easily join hoses or pipes of various sizes. Because of the quick-release characteristic, Type B fittings are appropriate for situations where fluid direction must be changed often.

Type C Camlock Fittings: Sealing Strength and Safety

Type C fittings are the best choice if sealing strength is a top priority. The female coupler has arms that securely lock onto the male adaptor, ensuring a secure connection. These fittings are frequently used in applications where leak prevention is critical, such as when working with chemicals or dangerous materials.

Type D Camlock Fittings: Ensuring Durability and Reliability

Type D fittings are built to endure high pressures and last a long time. These fittings can withstand heavy-duty tasks such as pumping and transporting liquids under pressure when combined with a female coupler and a male adapter. Their sturdy structure offers a dependable connection even under harsh conditions.

Type E Camlock Fittings: Pneumatic Powerhouse

Designed for use with compressed air or gases, Type E fittings provide a safe and leak-free connection for pneumatic applications. They use a female adapter and a male coupler. Commonly, Type E camlock fitting are used or industries that rely on compressed air.

Type F Camlock Fittings: Built for Bulk Transfer

Type F fittings are your best friends when it comes to bulk fluid transfer. They have a locking system for increased safety during large-scale transfers and are designed with a male adapter and a female coupler. These fittings are often employed in industries such as agriculture, where the efficient movement of liquids is critical.

Type DC Camlock Fittings: Dual-Purpose Delight

Type DC fittings provide for the seamless connection of Type A and Type D connections. They offer a practical option for applications requiring the connecting of several types of equipment with differing connection requirements. Their adaptability makes them an excellent addition to your toolbox.

Now that you’re familiar with the various types of camlock fitting and their respective benefits, it’s time to contact a camlock supplier in Dubai to find the best fit for your requirements.