Check Valve

Date:July 16, 2022

What is a check valve?

Check valves as the name says are commonly installed in pipelines to avoid the backflow, which means it keeps a check on the flow. It allows liquids, gases, and steam to flow in only one direction. This valve does not work like other valves, it is chiefly a one-way valve, the flow in it can move freely one way, but in case the flow turns, the valve will close to guard the piping. There is a great significance of check valve, for instance, if the flow turns and there is no check valve there, water hammer can befall. Water hammer often arises with an intense force and will easily destroy a pipeline or its mechanisms. Thus a check valve has a stopping device that can be shaped like a ball, disc, piston, or poppet.

Uses of check valves

Check valves are used in various applications, such as you will notice them placed on the outlet side of the pump, its purpose is to shield the pump from reverse flow. Radial pumps are the most common type of water pumps, these are not self-priming, and subsequently, check valves are fundamental for keeping water in the pipes. Additionally, check valves are mostly used in HVAC systems (heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems). For example, air conditioning systems are used in enormous buildings, where a coolant is pumped several levels up. Here the check valves are installed to ensure that the coolant isn’t flushing in reverse. For such functions, the most reliable and efficient valves are required, if you want a trustworthy brand then count on SWBM Fittings.

Different Types Of Check Valves

There are check valves available for water and wastewater applications. They are of various types and work in different ways. Nonetheless, their purpose is the same. SWBM Fittings have a variety of valves, such as, swing check valves, ball check valves, tilted disc check valves, slanted seat check valves, nozzle check valves and silent check valves. The most common types of valves for water and wastewater are swing check valves and ball check valves.

Swing check valve: It is mounted with a disc that swings on a hinge. It is designed to block the flow to go backward. It has a disc that swipes off the seat to allow onward flow, and when the flow is stopped, the disc swings back onto the seat to serve the purpose. The weight of the valve and the return flow affects the shut-off qualities of the valve.

Ball check valves: As the name says, it works with the help of a ball that moves up and down inside the valve. The seat is made to fit the ball, and the compartment is conical in shape to direct the ball into the seat to stop the flow from going in reverse.

It is vital to note that other factors are needed to ensure a harmless and trouble-free system. The right number, types and sizes of air valves, closing and opening times of isolation valves, flow control valves etc. all require to be well-thought-out as they secure the system from pressure flows. SWBM Fittings know what is required in a food project, therefore you can trust us blindly as we believe in serving with honesty. Our most in-demand valves are swing and wafer dual and single plate check valves in cast iron, cast steel, they are available in stock at SWBM.