Uses of Bimetallic Flanges in Dubai’s Construction Industry

Date:June 17, 2024

Dubai is famous worldwide for its impressive skyline. These enormous buildings and amazing constructions were not created in seconds. A lot of hard work, planning, and innovative construction techniques go into every project. One such technique uses something called bimetallic flanges. Let’s understand what they are and how they help in construction.

What Are Bimetallic Flanges?

Bimetallic flanges are special types of flanges made by combining two different metals. The most common combination is steel and a corrosion-resistant metal like stainless steel. This gives the flange the steel’s strength and the stainless steel’s anti-corrosion properties.

Why Bimetallic Flanges Are Important in Construction?

In big cities like Dubai, many construction projects happen near the sea or coastal areas. The salty air in these places can cause metals to rust and corrode quickly. Using normal steel flanges may not work well, as they can get damaged easily.

Bimetallic flanges solve this problem. Their anti-corrosion layer protects them from rusting due to salt, air, or water. This makes them perfect for use in outdoor projects near the sea in Dubai.

Main Advantages of Using Bimetallic Flanges:

  • Longer lifespan and durability due to corrosion resistance.
  • Lower maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Enhanced safety as they don’t corrode and weaken suddenly.
  • Can be used in harsh environments like coastal areas.

How Bimetallic Flanges Are Used in Dubai Construction?

Bimetallic flanges find many uses in big construction projects in Dubai:

Piping Systems

These flanges are indispensable for connecting and joining various types of pipes that carry different fluids like water, oil, gas, or chemicals. Their superior corrosion resistance ensures reliable and leak-proof piping networks.

In Dubai’s high-rise buildings, bimetallic flanges prevent leakages in plumbing and HVAC systems, even when exposed to moisture or saline conditions.

Offshore Structures

Dubai has led the construction of ambitious artificial islands and offshore residential/tourism projects. Bimetallic flanges play a crucial role in these marine environments.

They are heavily utilized in the piping, structural components, and utility systems of offshore platforms, jetties, and island developments.

Desalination Plants

These plants convert seawater to freshwater. Bimetallic flanges prevent corrosion in their piping carrying seawater. The city’s massive desalination facilities use complex piping networks to intake seawater and process it into potable water.

So in summary, the properties of bimetallic flanges make them incredibly useful for Dubai’s expanding coastal construction activities.

Manufacturing Process of Bimetallic Flange

How are these special flanges made? It’s an interesting process:

  • First, a base carbon steel flange is manufactured using traditional methods like machining or casting. This gives it the required shape, size, and strength.
  • Next, a layer of corrosion-resistant metal, like stainless steel, is coated or metalized on the steel base. Special techniques, like explosive covering, are used to permanently bond the two metal layers.


Bimetallic flanges provide the perfect solution with their durability and corrosion resistance. As Dubai continues its journey of innovative megaprojects, these special flanges will play a crucial role. They demonstrate how new materials and technologies enable human ambition to create lasting structures.